Sunday, June 12, 2011

One Good Day

It seems when I get the pen, I tend to write about depressing subjects.  We already have two songs dealing with the aftermath of death as proof.

I tried my best to write another depressing song, this time with a little more anger.  Matthew, however, turned it around.  The lyrics for this song were originally about my grandmother in a nursing home and the despair she was facing.  Many of the final lyrics are the same as the original, but enough different so that the entire song comes from somewhere else.

My grandmother passed away just a few weeks ago.  It was certainly upsetting, but it also brought a sense of relief to see her at rest.  I am glad that this is the song that developed, and not the one that could have been.

The song is just Matthew on guitar and vocals so far.  I played a drum part that has potential, but isn't worth sharing.  Honestly, I think it sounds so good the way it is that it could stand on its own.

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