Saturday, May 14, 2011

Three! new songs

Here is the first of our 3 new songs.  

1. Carry On

This song was written by Matthew about his dog Avi, who had to be given up for adoption because of the allergies of Magnet South baby #1.   I know Avi is being well cared for, but I sure miss him.  I remember meeting him when he was a teeny puppy, wanting to challenge my 70lb akita.  I also remember saying goodbye to him at the Winners, in their study, at over 100lb.  He was less active than normal, but very willing to receive a hug.  

This is a picture of Avi from the winners blog about owning and loving Berners:

Matthew sent me his first recording of the song, saying the ending was "bold".  My reply:  "Be bold, my friend".  I really enjoy listening to it.  The drum part you hear is literally the first play through of the song I ever did.  But I might keep it.  The plan is to build on the ending with some additional harmonies.

Here's Carry On, so far...

Back in the Saddle

Total number of babies born during this recording project (fathered by band members): 2.

Meet Georgia Eden LeFeber, the newest Magnet South baby.

She's very cute and very kind (good sleeper).  However, she also is a great diversion from things like being in a rock band.

She came, but some accounts, three weeks early, on March 12th.
So I had less time to work on music than I had thought.

Even with baby, recording and mixing have continued, just at a more varied pace.  We haven't played out in a long time now, which is tough.   Babies are certainly more important, but that doesn't mean there isn't a part of us that still wants to share.

Most of what I've been doing is listening to and mixing new and previously recorded songs to pick what could be on the "compilation" album.  The best of the best.  Or, anyway, the songs I'd play for my friends and family without apology.

There are three new songs we're working on in the midst of recording everything else.  The next posts will be about those.