Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's Electric

As I said in the last post, we want to get Zac Coleman guitar parts on any songs that could use them. He played with us for one show early on. A few of the songs we played with him are on this EP, so we sought him out.

The two songs we have done so far are "Only You" and "A Search / A Love Affair".

I sent Zac the songs as they were mixed so far. He sent back this mp3 with his added guitar for "Only You".

His part sounds fantastic. I love the tone he creates. There was some unfortunate background noise from the amp that I couldn't take out without the single track. I thought it would be good to try recording him directly into my song files. I got the chance when over at the Colemans', practicing with Zac and his wife Trina for songs they've been writing (which was a lot of fun). We recorded the amp into both an SM58 and a Perception 200. I definitely preferred the SM58.

Here's a bit of the electric guitar recorded there for "Only You"

And here's the song put together.

Somehow I convinced him to try a part for "A Search / A Love Affair". This is his part for the second half of the song.

And here's the whole song mixed together. The section with his guitar part above starts about 3:40 in.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Album 2 Milestone

I am, by profession, a project manager. I tend to think of things in terms of a project plan, with dates and milestones and barriers and stage gates. Six Sigma is a drug, people.

We've hit a milestone for album 2. Potentially all acoustic guitar, drums, and vocals have been recorded. Just in time, too, since I had to return the amazing mics we were borrowing.

The songs are coming together, in my opinion, much better than the first album. Experience goes a long way. Everything feels more solid. Songs sound closer to what I want them to sound like.

Project tasks remaining:
1. Convince Zach Coleman to play electric guitar on at least three songs. He played live with us once and left a mark on the songs that we don't want to forget.

2. Re-record anything. One thing I learned from the first album is when to cut your losses and just record it again. It's much better than trying to fix a track that just doesn't feel right.

3. Add anything. Extra vocals?

4. Obsess for a while. I don't think this will be as drastic this time around, but we'll see.

Here are all the songs for album 2 in their current state (no particular order).


It's OK to be Afraid

While You Were Away

The Lies

I'm Sorry

Only You

A Search A Love Affair