Thursday, August 19, 2010

Only You

The first song we decided to work for the second album is one of our oldest. Matthew and I wrote the words together one evening in my basement.  It is a quiet song, which required a different approach to recording.  I close-miked everything on the drumset.  Since we only have two inputs to work with, I first recorded just the bass drum to Matthew's scratch guitar.  After that, I recorded the hi-hat by itself.

Finally, I recorded the snare brushes and cymbal by placing a mic right next to the snare, and the other mic a few inches over the ride cymbal.

Matthew took a couple takes for a final guitar track.  The humidity was terrible (and I live in an old house without central air), so the guitar tuning was affected quickly.  My favorite take was his last one, where the guitar wasn't *quite* in tune.  I think it fits the mood of the song just right.

Matthew then did a couple vocal takes.  His first ones were sung straight, but didn't fit.  Then he did one take while basically singing in a whisper, which was perfect.  Here's the result:

"Only You"

Download the song.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Red-headed step-bass

The recording process is in a bit of a dip right now because of the birth of Jonah Winner.

But, we were lucky enough to have Kendall Ludwig (of Curly Red fame) write a bass part for Move On.  She came over to record it just before we finished the album.  The only issue was that the bass made it stand too apart from the other songs on the album.

So, I've been working on it as a special version.  I had a great time mixing it into the song.  It feels like it was there all along.

Move On w/ Bass (Listen on big speakers)