Thursday, June 17, 2010

Choosing a name

How do you choose an album name?  Do you pick a song title?  A lyric? An idea that sums is all up?  Or do you pick what sounds good?

Here were some of our options:

  1. winter fever (working title)
  2. don't lose your head (name of two of the songs)
  3. keep it together (lyric in two songs, also the name of a Guster album)
  4. giving up on words (lyric)
  5. we'll be the history (lyric)
  6. remember one another (lyric)
Well, what's the album about?  Change.  Becoming a better person and moving on.  And, as the songs says, we're doing that by giving up on words and living in our actions.  Done.

So here's the final cover.

Monday, June 14, 2010


It's time to move on to the next set of songs.  The first EP is done, but it was meant as a learning tool and a way of proving to ourselves we could do this.  There are a lot more songs to record.

The original plan was to now do more of a full length album with 10 - 12 songs on it.  The plan has been changed to do another EP of 5 - 7 songs.  The reasons are thus...

  1. The thought of working on 12 songs makes my head hurt.  We have the songs, but not the bandwidth.
  2. We can concentrate.  The final result of 5 songs will be of better quality if we can give them the time they need.
  3. It allows a more continuous stream of content to the public.  (by "public" I mean the 8 people that come to see us play)
  4. It's still a learning process.  This next EP should be much higher quality, and hopefully it will be a building block to the one after that.  

So which songs are next?  Here's the list of what's in the queue.  The first 5 songs are pretty definite.  We'll have to choose which of the last three fit in.
  1. only you
  2. i'm sorry
  3. desperate
  4. a search a love affair
  5. it's ok to be afraid
  6. the lies
  7. these days
  8. while you were away


Matthew has been busy working on the layout to be printed for the album.  I like it.